The Riverside Inn Guitar Raffle

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Liam_pulling_ticketI want to personally "Thank"!!! everyone that supported my efforts in my first "Liam Guitar Raffle" by buying tickets. I also want to apologize to those who were not lucky enough to win the guitar this year. As we all know there can only be one "winner" (at a time). I realize that all though spending only ten dollars for a chance to win a $1600.00 guitar is a pretty good deal it still is very painful to spend the money and not win. Again, I Thank You!! for your support and making it a successful event. 

This year the lucky ticket was bought by Geneva Ohio's home town boy , Mr Jim Ales.  To say that Jim was very happy to win would be an understatement . He told me it felt a bit like being in a dream , that he would wake up and it really didn't happen.



Jim_winning                   The_winner  The_happy_winner

   I am very happy to know that the guitar is still going to be in the area and I still have a chance to see it from time to time. I'm not sure that people realize it, but when a craftsmen builds or creates a  new piece, whether it is a piece of furniture or a musical instrument , the love that they have for their craft is usually embedded into the project that they create. Some times it feels like your letting go of one of your children, or that the instrument is all grown up now and it is time to let it go off to college. It can be very sad, but also extremely rewarding at the same time. So having said that you can understand why I feel good that it will be near by. Jim said I could come by to visit when I felt the need. That makes everything feel a little better. 

     As all of my instruments seem to want to have names attached to them, this one was no exception. Right at the end of the building process when I was putting all of the guitar together I stood back and looked at it and I felt a strong "nautical "feeling. I shared that with my wife, Gerri and she said "The Fitzgerald". And from that point on what ever I tried to come up with for a name was immediately dismissed (by me) because that name fit it so good that nothing else sounded any good to me . I thank my lovely wife for having the insight to know and feel the right name for the guitar. It just so happens to be her mother's maiden name. That feels right too!

So as the "Fitzgerald' opens her voice to the world with Mr. Jim Ailes at the helm, "I bid her fair well". And pray that Jim has countless years of musical bliss singing and playing through the years like the never ending calming waves that roll upon the beach. I'm sure that the "Fitzgerald will serve him proud all of his strummin days!