Volume 65 - Spring Musical Festivals

Written by Patrick Podpadec on . Posted in Northcoast Voice

Stay in Tune  Vol.65

By Luthier Patrick Podpadec

I'm sure while your reading this you have already experienced the summer like weather we had last week. All of the flowers are blooming and people are out cutting grass like crazy. I's a little weird , but I can't complain because Spring is my all time favorite season of the year. This year, as in years past, I start getting things ready to go to do a few music festivals. I set up my 10x10 tent canopy and a few tables and drag out my cool luthier tools that I have either built or acquired through the years and try to show the public what it is that I do. This year I'm going to add a few workshops into the mix and actually try my hand at teaching people about some of the processes that it takes to build a guitar.

The first festival that is on the schedule for this year is going to be “The Riverside Inn Music Festival” on April 20,21,22. It is held at the Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs P.A. (right outside of Edinburough) This is a great festival that has been running consecutively for well over 15 yrs. My wife and I have been going for at least 10 yrs. It started out being mostly “old timey bluegrass” but it seems to have changed a bit over the yrs. Each yr the festival brings in a new surprise. Last yr the Hotel was purchased by some new owners and they brought in some new energy to the festival . The music was a little bit more diverse, with younger performers and they even added a “Home Brewery” competition to the event. A little home brew never hurt anyone, right? It still had all of the events that we have been used to in the past. There are musicians everywhere, inside of the hotel. When the weather is nice ( and it often times is) there will be groups of people all over the outside porch that wraps around the whole front and one side of the hotel. And before I forget to mention it, the whole event is Free to the public. I do suggest you contact the hotel soon http://www.theriversideinn.com/RiversideMusicFestival2012.htm if your planning to stay. The rooms fill up quickly.

The cool thing about the hotel is that it has been a operating hotel since 1880 something and it still is decorated with a lot of the original style furniture and it has a great history of being a very fancy resort style hotel that boasted of it's mineral spring waters that people would flock to for the powerful healing properties that it possessed. It is truly a great place to see and hosts many different dinner theater events through the spring,summer and fall seasons

This year will be my first year that I will actually be setting up a booth and performing a couple of workshops on Sat 4/21 of the event. At 2:00 I will be showing and explaining how I bend sides for the guitar. Some of the demonstration will be done with a slide show picture format and some will be done on an old fashion “hot pipe”. At 2:30 I will explain the procedures I take to build bone nuts for guitars and other stringed instruments. I would love to extend a personal invitation to all of the readers of the Voice to come out and join the festivities (my workshops and others) and join in on all of the great music and hospitality that the Riverside Inn has to offer. There is a whole list of the scheduled performers listed on the website mention above. Please check it out when you have time

I will also be doing a workshop at a new Folk Festival called the BlueSky Folk Festival. This will be the 2cd Annual festival hosted at the East Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Kirtland Ohio (rt. 306 ¼ mi. south of rt.6) Sat, May 19th

It is packed with fun events for the kids and jam sessions, good food, good entertainment, and of course I will be there with my tent and my wares. Also my good friend Bob Yocum and his new bride to be, miss Lenora Tewksbary

http://www.spoontoosoon.com/ will be hosting an “open mike” and doing a workshop on playing the “Spoons” If you haven't seen their performances you are in for a treat! Every now and then a couple gets together and there just ain't no denying it. That's “Spoon too Soon”

I have got a really good feeling about all of the people involved in running this event. I have been graciously invited to a couple of meetings that have been held and am very impressed with the level of commitment that everyone displays

All the committee members spend many hours on every aspect of the event. From advertising budget, food preparations, parking logistics,event planning for children, vendor applications, booth locations, music scheduling and to just making sure that everyone that is going to attend is going to have a good time!! Everyone is dedicated to the success of the event. Their commitment lies in sharing the love that music creates in the souls of all who hears it. And I say God bless them for that! With all of that good energy behind this festival it would be very difficult to not have a good time there. Hope to see you all there . Until then, please Stay in Tune!

Thanks Again!

Patrick from Wood-n-Strings / Liam Guitars