Volume # 106 Winter's Here

Written by Patrick Podpadec on . Posted in Northcoast Voice

                                         Stay in Tune                                                vol# 106

                                                                                 By luthier Patrick Podpadec

Well in didn't take long for winter to settle in this year. If it's gonna be this cold all winter it will make Spring that much more welcoming, which I'm already looking forward to and it's not even Christmas yet.

Speaking of Christmas and the New Year coming up, I will be offering special gift certificates for instrument repair starting with a 75.00 full "Setup Repair" for only 50.00, running from now till Jan. 1, 2014 . I know it's only a couple of weeks left so get them while you can. I'm also giving a 25% discount on any other repair gift certificates for any denomination (25.00, 50.00, 100.00, etc.) up until Jan 1 also. Please call at 440-474-2141 for more info.

Every year about this time I go through this "cleaning" or "reorganizing " mode that makes me want to tear my shop apart and repaint and build new benches or change some other work stations so that I can be a little more efficient with my work . Sometimes the ideas work well and other times I wish I would have left it the way it was. This year I plan on reconstructing my spray room to be more user friendly. It seems that during the times that I'm not using it much I tend to put things in there to get them out of my way. Before you know it the place is filled with stuff that has no real business being in there. This year after I clean it out and find a new place to put the stuff I plan to change the air lines that come into it from my compressor. For years the air lines have been on the right side as you walk into the spray room. I happen to be left handed and this arrangement has bugged the sh#%t out of me forever. Every time I go to spray lacquer on an instrument I have to do some sort of spin around dance move to grab the spray gun to spray with my left hand. I will be so glad to fix that little dilemma . I also need to setup my computer to be more efficient with my invoices so that I can keep all my records in a place where I can easily access them. I'm not very good with those "office " type computer skills so my dear wife has offered to lend a helping hand in getting me squared away.

I mentioned about a year ago how I set up another shop that I use for doing all of my dusty cutting of wood. In the past it has been setup more as a "summer" shop with no real heat source in it. I'm starting to insulate and add heat so that it can be used all winter as well. It will be nice to have a separate area be able to work on other projects that I I seem to always get myself into.

I just recently went to the annual Woodchopper's Ball that is hosted by my good friend Brian Henke. As usual it was the best musical event of the season. This year my friends (21 of them) were able to rent a big van , ( Thanks! to Mr. Jim Egensperger for organizing the whole trip) Every year that I go to this event I walk away with a brand new enthusiasm for music and building new instruments. I've said this before but everyone should try to go to this event. It is held at the Kent stage about the 1st Sat of Dec. The proceeds go to help the homeless and it seem as though it is getting more popular every year and the performers just keep getting better and better. I also just was invited by Miss Sue Hagan to play at the Old Mill Winery that she most graciously hosts every Wed night. This past Wed was the 3rd year reunion that she has been hosting as the M.C. Anyone looking to play at a well run open mike should give this one a try. It always seems to have a very receptive listening crowd that welcomes players of all levels of experience and genres of music.

I have been working during the day again and my old construction job again for the past few months trying to save some money to buy some new tools and a new "stash" of good hardwoods to be able to build more instruments with . It's important to me to have a good selection of wood to choose from when designing new instruments. This upcoming year I have plans to build more instruments that I have in the past. I have just recently come across some black walnut and trying to get a connection for some good "flaming" maple. If anyone knows of a local source for some instrument quality hardwoods I would appreciate a call anytime at 440- 474 -2141.

Instrument repairs are still steadily coming in and it looks like it as though the new year will be a busy one. It's almost time for me to look into some of the summer music festivals and get signed up to to do repair workshops. I always enjoy doing workshops and listening to good music at the same time. I want to remind anyone that may have a question about instrument repair that my phone is always on (440-474-2141) and I am always willing to help with advice when I can. It's still free and will continue that way for many years to come.

I wish all of the Voice readers and all others a very "Merry Christmas" and please be safe with all of your travels through the Holiday Season. and of course please "Stay in Tune" where ever you go

Keep Smiling!

Patrick from Liam Guitars / Wood-n-Strings