Volume # 111 Spring Music Festivals

Written by Patrick Podpadec on . Posted in Northcoast Voice

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                                                                           By luthier Patrick Podpadec

Well Spring is finally trying to poke it's head out of the snow. My favorite time of the year. I'm not sure how many of you are animal lover's like my wife and I , but if you are, you might have noticed a n extra helping of fertilizer that has accumulated over the harsh cold winter months. Wow! it's everywhere.

I'm glad to announce that I have just found out that my favorite music festival is still going to be held at the Riverside Inn on April 26th&27th in Cambridge Springs Pa. My family has been attending this event for 10 years or more and many of our friends have joined us in the past few years too.

Apparently the previous management that has run the Inn for the past several years have been removed on or around Feb 11th.The original owners have taken it back and are still very interested in continuing the music festival and the other dinner theater events that have been such a great tradition of the Riverside Inns' history. I know that several of my friends were not able to get a hold of the Inn because the previous owners took down the website and reservation system upon leaving and it has been difficult to get all of the things back up and running smoothly again. I have been in contact with the Riverside and have been informed that all is well and that you can call for reservations and event information at this toll free # 855-217-5153. Best time to call now is Mon-sat from 9:00am - 12:30pm.

The music festival I believe will be scaled down a little from the past few years , but will still offer live entertainment in the theater on Sat night and Sunday (daytime). I'm sure there will be the traditional "ole timey" players that gather in the main lobby area to play all day and most of the night . It's always a very accepting group of musicians that let most anyone join in and play at will. So make sure if you are planning to visit this music festival that you bring an instrument with you and meet and play with all of the others that have made this festival such a wonderful event for many, many years now.

I have been very busy at my house in the past few weeks trying to clean up my yard after having two very large trees taken down. The mess is a little overwhelming, but I have been making some progress and will be blessed with many cords of firewood for next years heat supply. Unfortunately the wood is not of a musical grade. I do have one very large log about 36" in diameter by 8ft. long that I plan to have a large 10" thick plank milled from it to carve a huge guitar out of and mount it on the large stump that is left from the biggest tree. I'm lucky enough to know a friend that has this unique wood mill called a "Lucas Mill". that is capable of milling the log right where it sits .I hope to take some video of the process so that people will get a better feel for the operation. I'm very exited about this new "yard art" that will also serve as a new sign to my business.

As the weeks move on so does the amount of instruments that keep coming into the shop. This is the time of the year that musicians are dusting off their instruments and wanting to get them to play good for the spring and summer months. I have the usual "setups , the occasional refret, the top crack from the dry humidity through the winter and the new bone nut that everyone seems to want eventually. I'm also trying to make headway on a couple of interesting building projects. One is the harp guitar that I have mentioned before and another is a 8 string tenor ukulele that will be in the "Zorzi" style that I have designed for my new line of ukulele's.

I have to go out to my instrument distributor's place and purchase a "blue" guitar. for an up coming Festival that is called the Blue Sky Folk Festival that is held on May 17th in Kirtland at the Universal Unitarian Church on rt. 306. I sponsor a guitar raffle every year that is always a big success for the festival and the winner of the guitar. The guitar comes with a full professional setup with new strings that ensures the best playability of the instrument. It also has a soft foam case along with a strap. capo, and a few picks just to get you started. To top off this guitar it will be signed by all of the professional musicians that will be performing at the Blue Sky festival. Tickets will go on sale soon for only $5.00. Please check the website http://www.blueskyfolkfest.com for more info on performers and workshop events.

So many new developments are starting to emerge for this years plan to increase the business of Liam guitars. I will be continually looking for a new employee to help out with some of the daily routines. I have in the past asked the public if there is any interested parties willing to take on a apprenticeship. I know that there is some questions that people have about "apprenticeships" and exactly how they work. In the past it has always been established that the apprentice would trade his labor for an education in the field that he is working. From the employer's point of view it is felt that if you really have the commitment and desire to learn the particular trade that you are interested in you will sacrifice the paycheck for the education. This doesn't To the modern day employee it seems that this concept is a bit hard to understand.

I have decided that it's possible to pay an employee ( in a part-time setting) a small wage and possibly some bartering to perform many tasks that are required in the shop. This would entail a certain amount of carpentry skills or at least a good familiarity of woodworking tools . Some knowledge of music instruments would be also required. If any one is looking for a part time job and thinking that working with instruments might be something that your interested in please give me a call at 440-474-2141 and we could set up an interview. So until next time I bid you all a farewell and please try to "Stay in tune"

Keep Smiling!

Patrick from Liam Guitars / Wood-n-Strings