Volume 14 - Shop Remodel

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                                                Stay In Tune                                                          vol#14
                                                                             By Luthier Patrick Podpadec

    Were back!  It feels just like yesterday that I wrote the last article. I can’t even remember what it was about. Oh yea , I remember! It was about breaking strings and stuff. Well, one thing that I might not have said in the last article was that everyone has, or will brake a string from time to time. It is inevitable. It’s kind of like changing the tires on your car. Eventually you have to change them. They just wear out. Or become flat or break, like strings. There is also the task of selecting which variety or combination of strings your going to try out. There is probably as many string “brands” as there is liver pills. I have no idea how many that is but I bet it is a lot!

   Any way, I wanted to say Happy Halloween! to everyone. I hope you all enjoy a real good scare this year. Only  the good hearted and humorous kind for sure. I’m always amazed at how large and commercial of a holiday that it has become. Well it ‘s good to see at least somebody’s buying something in this day’s economy!       
I don’t want to start on that #%$&^* economy again.

     Hey! I just got my latest issue of “Acoustic Guitar” magazine the other day. It’s probably my favorite magazine. There are a lot of different kinds of guitar magazines that cater to many types of players , but for me I like A.G. because it has articles on repair and always has info on new builders , and new gear for playing and always some good music written in  standard music notation and tab also. This month the “cover” artist was Dave Matthews. You can go online and see videos of many of the songs that are offered in the magazine. If you like good fingerstyle music like I do, I highly recommend that you check out this mag if you haven’t already.

    I’ve been doing some remodeling in my shop of lately. I decided that I needed to bring in a few of my tools that I have stored out in shed for a few years. To do this, I needed  to move my rack of  tonewoods that I have had inside my humidity controlled shop. I decided the only spot was to make a new space up in my attic of my shop.

  Of course to do this I wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t get to cold or damp up there for my precious wood. This led to me insulating and dry walling, painting, and of course new fluorescent lighting. All in an attic you can’t even stand straight up in. What a pain in the $%&. But man is it cool now. I’ve built new racks to house my wood and it gave me a chance to go through it all and pick and sort out many different combinations of wood for different instruments that I plan to build in the near future. I found some beautiful spalted  sugar maple that I got back in 1999 off of a friend of mine’s farm right here in Madison . The only problem is that it’s kind of small for guitars, so I plan to build some ukulele’s or possibly some mandolins with it. I almost forgot that I had so many varieties that I’ve been saving over the past ten yrs or so. I have some Bubinga, Paduak, Wenge Zebra wood, Walnut, Curly Koa, Quarter sawn Sycamore, Cherry, Maple., Marado, Ebony, and more. It’s sort of ironic now to think back in high school my nickname was “Wood” I wonder why? No! it’s not that ! or was it ? It actually was for something else but it seems to fit just the same. It’s hard to remember back that far any more.

   It may seem as if I have a lot of wood but the fact is I’m always looking for more. My intention is to build instruments from many different alternative tonewoods. If anyone is listening or knows of some old wood that there grandfather had stuck up in the barn somewhere for the past 60 yrs.or so and are thinking about getting rid if  it, I’m your man! Please feel free to contact me by phone (440) 474-2141 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Or you can call or write to ask about almost anything that has to do with stringed instruments and  I would be glad to help if I can.  I have had a few responses from readers in the past few  weeks about some topics in various articles  that have appeared in the “Voice” and I want to thank them for taking the time to call or email there questions in. I love talking music and meeting new musicians  I think That maybe in the future I could write about “frequently asked questions “ or something like that. If you have anything in particular that you would like to read about please feel free to contact me or the ‘Voice” with your request and I’m sure we can oblige you somehow. Until next time….. Booooooooo!!!!!!!

          Thanks Again!
      Patrick from Wood-n-Strings/Liam Guitars