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Web Link Stewart McDonald

Stewart McDonald has been providing parts and services to luthiers for well over 20 yrs. There tech dept. is my go to place for info that I need in a hurry. They have been invaluable to me many times when I needed wiring diagrams or any other service .Truely a 5 star company

Web Link Luthier Merchantile

L.M.I. is one of the best luthier supply houses to have ever been established . All other supply houses should be as good

Web Link Purflex

A newly designed product produced by Petro Guitars that is flexible purfling. they also carry rosettes, tuner buttons, bridge pins, etc.

  The flexibility of the product eliminates the former challenges that luthiers in the past have been troubled with. It also opens up the door for limitless design characteristics

Web Link Dominicart Inlay

This site has a wide range of precut letters and artwork at very reasonable prices 

Web Link Web Strings

I have been buying strings from this company for over ten years.  Great to work with !

Web Link Allied Lutherie

A instrument parts supplier that has come along way in the past few years. They have a good selection of woods and parts

Web Link Euphonon String Company

A no frills website ,but if your looking to buy bulk strings with out a lot of fanfare this might be the site for you

Web Link All Parts Music

If your looking for parts for electric guitar, basses or amp parts this might be the place for you. They have a lot of parts that fit well with foriegn instruments.