Stromberg/Voisinet KeyKord Baritone Uke

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KeyKord- angle- front- view


   This was one of the most interesting jobs that I have seen in a while. Although there was really nothing wrong with the instrument. (it needed a new string), I couldn't help myself from taking it apart to see how it worked. I never expected to see this amount of mechanical wizidry in my life. When you would push a button it would move a certain lever that was attached to a flat plate that was spring loaded to activate the motion of pressing down another set of pads that would press down  the proper strings to produce the chord.   UNBELIEVABLE!

 I think this might have been the same guy who designed the "Titantic" That was in around 1929 too wasn't it?



KeyKord- angle- front- view

1931 Stomberg/ Voisinet

Baritone Uke

Close up keykord headstock

I Love the 

"Mother of Toilet Seat"

headstock veneer

Grover tuners on back of KeyKord headstock

These are original geared

Grover banjo style tuners 

KeyKord hollowed out neck for keypad

This chord button 

mechanism is crazy

 closeup of keypad mechanics

 The work that went ito this

  thing is amzing

 closeup of Stromberg-Voisinet KeyKord keypad 21 chords of pure genius! 
 spring mechanism of keypad

 These are plates that slide 

back and forth to change 

the chords when the appropiate buttons

are pushed

 side view of keypad mechanism

 It's no wonder that this technolgy didn't take off.

It was too hard to manufacture and assemble