The Dreamcaster

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Dreamcaster front view outside - Copy                                         " The Dreamcaster"Dreamcaster back(1) 










This was an instrument that probably taught me more about guitar construction than any of the others.  It is affectionately known as the “Dreamcaster”. It was custom built for a master fingerstyle guitarist in the N.E. Ohio area named Brian Henke. Brian is one of Northeast Ohio's  original rock heros of the eighties. After playing lead guitar in bands around Cleveland, Brian gradually decided to take his talents to a new level. In the past 10 to 15 years he has developed into one of the areas finest fingerstyle guitarist. For the past 11 yreas he has hosted, along with the "Coalition for the Homeless", a very successful benefit concert called the "Woodchopper's Ball". Brian brings in 9 different guitarists from all over the country to perform a "round robin" format ( that is where 3 guitarists play their 4 best songs , then 3 more guitarist get on stage and they play their 4 best songs, an so on..) to show off their amazing talents at the prestigious "Kent Stage". All of  the proceeds benefit the "coalition ". The event has grown to be "The place to be!" on around the 1st week in Dec. For info contact the Kent Stage.  (for more on Brian's schedule go to



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Here are just a few pictures of the Dreamcaster being built


This is a picture taken imy back yard on a beautiful sunny day in spring


  The back of this instrument is every bit as beautiful as the front

This is a picture  of the fingerboards right after the inlays had been done.
alt Here you can see how beautiful the flame is on the maple. The necks were constructed as a 3pc. laminate with a black walnut strip in the center
Here is the blank inlay after routing and before final set
alt A closeup of the sun inlay on the 6 string headstock of the Dreamcaster
A picture of the moon inlay on the baritone section of the "dreamcaster"
After a couple of caoats of lacquer the inlay really starts to "pop"
This a picture of the two oval soundholes .I put the pearl "keystones" at the top because it was litteraly impossible to make an invisible jointfor the purfling.
alt I chose a few celestial looking inlays to act as small soudholes and also for the asthetic value that it gives to the "Dreamcaster"
The bridge of the dreamcaster has gone over about three different design changes since it has been built. The saddle arraignment has changed a few times too, so that the proper intonation could be achieved
This a view of me reslotting the saddles for better intonation. The changing of string guages was the reason this was performed



    Brian Henke was one of the finest clients that any luthier could ask for. His visons and his ability to adapt a playing style to an instrument that had never been built before is nothing less than amazing!


alt    This is Brian showing his satisfaction on the day that he picked up his "Dreamcaster"

     Another shot of the

        "The Man and his Guitar"


Some of the features to the Dreamcaster are:


  • Highly flamed maple back & sides                                            
  • 3pc back (maple/walnut wedge/maple
  • 3pc. laminated neck (maple /walnut/maple )
  • 6 string 25.525 scale length
  • 7 string baritone with 30” scale length
  • Striped ebony fingerboards
  • Moon and sun headstock inlays
  • 15 string two octave treble harp with celestial inlays
  • very cool eagle bridge





I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I accepted the challenge to build Brian his “Dreamcaster”. But of course it was too late to turn back after I said “yes”. I can’t thank Brian enough for giving me the opportunity and privilege to build this harp guitar.

I would love to accept any new challengeing visions from all of you guitar afficandos out there. Please feel to contact me anytime to discuss the details!