The Shop

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. I bought a house that had an extra lot in Madison Ohio back in 1991. The following year I decided that it ws time for me to build a shop that I could dedicate strictly to building and repairing guitars. I decided to build it like garage (20'x24' about 450 sq ft.)  so that if I ever grew out of it, It would be easier to sell the house with a garage style building on the property.

  The building has this beautiful garage door that I have only opened 1 time in about 10 yrs. I keep it closed so that I can control the humidity better in the hot summer days. I made sure that I put plenty of lighting in it for good visibility. Plenty of elecrical outlets , and electric heat for a quiet, uniform heat . It's a bit expensive, to use that type of heating source, but I like the fact that there is no noise from a fan and that it's not blowing all of the dust around the shop. It has a small  room that I attached to the main part of the building (5'x8' 32 sq ft.) that I designate as a spray room for my lacquer. It has a window that has an explosion proof fan for good circulation. Off of it , I also have a small outside shed room that I house my compresser and the vacuum system in to cut down on some of the noise when they are operating.

   I have an upstairs attic area that I have insulated and drywalled so that I can store all of my wood and extra broken guitars and parts for future repairs. The shop serves me very well, but my only complaint is that it is not as large as I would like it to be. I'm sure that is the wish of most shop owners.

front_of_shop This is the view as you walk up to my shop. It is set in the back part of my lot on the side of my house Weathered_Sign The sign has been hanging since about 1992 and is staring to show a little sign of wear. I guess it's time to give it a little touch up